people clapping their handsSolutions for Wealth has many solutions for our business clients. We pride ourselves on knowing out business partners and creating dynamic solutions for their insurance and legal protection needs.

We understand the needs of our business partners because we are active in the business community and build strong relationships with all of our business partners.

We can help with life insurance for your key employees or to fund your buy-sell agreements. Some owners and key people may have a requirement to own life insurance due to loan agreements or capital investments.

We believe that is less about how much you and more about much you keep. We have a team of business consultants that can find overcharges in your merchant services accounts or workers comp bills. Our cost segmentation specialists can help you find over payments on income and property taxes. Some of these tax refunds are significant.

We also have a cost recovery program that helps you, the business owner, keep more of your profit in a tax advantaged way.

We also offer a range of options for your employees including life, disability or long-term care insurance and LegalShield, IDShield as voluntary or fringe benefits.